RSS Article 14 Pro Players Don’t Need Glitches to Destroy You in Battlefield 4

This article talks about people that play battle field 4 a lot, can kill you when you think they are glitching. But they aren’t, they used tricks that are very hard to use and do.  There is this guy named Taylor Sollazo who uses a SCAR-H and that is a basic gun for everyone to use and his level is 110 and the guys level is 9 and he kills with the SCAR-H. Some people can be good with crappy gun that people think that aren’t good.

I like this article because I played MW2 on multi-player and I used a crappy gun that my friends thought sucked but I killed him a lot of times. He said that I couldn’t use that gun anymore. After I beaten him for the first time he smacked me on the back really hard because he never lost to anyone before.

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