RSS Article 8 Play as Clementine in The Walking Dead Season 2, This Year

Cristian Espinoza

This article talks about the walking dead season 2 and you play as Clementine a girl that you save from season 1 the first few episodes. Everything as changed after season 1 ended. The character you play as in season 1 gets killed and gets turned into a walker like the other people. The people who made walking dead the game said that it will be scary. But will another five episodes be able to deliver surprises the same way now that the first season has been through?

I like this article because I like zombies and I really want to play the walking dead. But unfortunately I cant because my little brothers will get scared and I wouldn’t be able to play it. So if I were able to play it would be at my friends house. I want to start playing the first season so that I know what is happening. I’ve heard that its really scary but fun and you have to think of what to say to people or you will mess up and become a walker.

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