RSS Article 4: 9 Heinous Things Players Have Done in GTA V

This article talked about the game Grand Theft Auto V. A lot of people after they get used to the game start trying new things. You can do some pretty goofy things. Some are pretty cool. Some people recorded and posted what they tried online. There is a video that shows 9 examples with this article.

This article talked about how people have been doing crazy stuff on GTA V. Some people don’t try to do crazy things. Some people try to do it on purpose, but its not funny. When people accidentally do something crazy its really funny. Also the game made you not do crazy things. The game made people bored of playing.

I like this article because its funny. The game looks fun but I never have played it. At first I thought it would be stupid but now I think it will be really fun. I like the third clip because the guy accidentally crashed into a plane on a runway and the plane has a little explosion. I liked the last one because the guy tried to shoot the train and then the train ran over him.

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