RSS Article 3 The Most Depressing Scenes From Tokyo Game Show

This talks about how big Japanese video game makers don’t even come to the Japan’s Game Show or they don’t bring their games, just display cases. It also talks about how more people come but there is less to see. Tokyo Game Show feels sadder and emptier because you don’t even get to see the biggest and best things coming up anymore.

it is too bad that the Game Show isn’t as fun as it used to be. Less people actually bring new fun games to show. Like they should put more games themselves on display that you can play at the game shows. If they did more people would want to buy their new games and they could make more money off the show because they will be able to sell and make more games than they are already making. Then they could make more new games after that like Call of Duty Ghost II they could make it better and have people play it and see what it’s like. They could video tape people actually playing it and post it so people all over the world would want to buy it.

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