RSS Article 16 There First Apple Certified IOS Gaming Controller

This article talks about how Apple is making gaming controllers for iPods, iPads, and iPhones. It looks like a Xbox controller. It has the same buttons for the xbox controller but the D pad is different. It has the arrows for the D pad instead of the nun chuck for the Wii.

I like this article because since we have iPads, we can play games on the iPad with the remote instead of using our fingers to press the iPad. This article has a lot of things that can go with the iPad, iPod, and iPhone. You can play awesome games with the controller.

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Kickstarter ideas

1: Make magic cards

2: Make characters from games out of little circular balls

3: make a video that looks like an anime

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RSS Article 15 The 9 Biggest Gaming Bummers of 2013

This article talks about when new games that looks cool at the beginning. But once you play the games, it sucks. There are some games that look awful from the cover but while you play it, it is awesome.

I dont like this article because, some games look awesome but once you buy it and you cant give it back the game sucks and you want your money back. That has happened to one of my friends. They bot a game that looked really cool. But once they play it, it glitches on them. Then the game breaks and it doesn’t work anymore.

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RSS Article 14 Pro Players Don’t Need Glitches to Destroy You in Battlefield 4

This article talks about people that play battle field 4 a lot, can kill you when you think they are glitching. But they aren’t, they used tricks that are very hard to use and do.  There is this guy named Taylor Sollazo who uses a SCAR-H and that is a basic gun for everyone to use and his level is 110 and the guys level is 9 and he kills with the SCAR-H. Some people can be good with crappy gun that people think that aren’t good.

I like this article because I played MW2 on multi-player and I used a crappy gun that my friends thought sucked but I killed him a lot of times. He said that I couldn’t use that gun anymore. After I beaten him for the first time he smacked me on the back really hard because he never lost to anyone before.

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RSS Article 13

This article is about how you can have headphone that can go anywhere you want without having to take the music system wherever you go. It is wireless and it is just like beats they have very good quality for the headphones. It is also big for the ears so it can take all the space for the ears so that there is no part of the ears coming out of the side. Some people say that you can’t go more than 20 to 25 feet without it going all staticting

I like this article because I can have a headphone that is wireless. I could take it wherever i want to and it wouldn’t bug me at all.  Also the bad thing is that people would prefer you to use the wired headphones instead of the wireless.

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RSS Article 12 Which Should You Buy: Xbox One or PlayStation 4? Yes.

This article talks about what console you should buy. It says that if you buy the Xbox one you can say to watch football and while you are playing a game at the same time. If you buy the PlayStation 4 you can play a lot of more games than Xbox One.

I think People should buy PlayStation 4 than Xbox One because it seems funner than Xbox One. On PlayStation 4 you can play a lot more funner games than Xbox one. PlayStation 4 look better than Xbox one. “If it’s running at 720p vs 1080p then that means you should buy PlayStation 4 than Xbox one.

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RSS Article 11Games That Changed Everything: The Most WIRED Titles of the Generation

On minecraft people have been doing stuff for their world and trying to find diamonds. They would build their house and keep progressing on their house and doing other stuff. Some people gave their world to people to update their world and the people that gave their world to people had to promise not to mess anything up. Also you could sell your alpha version to people.

I like this article because I like minecraft and it is fun to play. You can play with other people and play co-op with people and make houses with people. You can also play hunger games with people all around the world and also with famous YouTube people. I played with a famous player named ASF Jerome.


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RSS Article 10 Third Tesla Fire in 6 Weeks Could Spark Federal Inquiry

Another Tesla Model S has caught fire in Tennessee and it is the third one ever to be on fire. And so people don’t want to get it because even if it barely hits sometime then it will get on fire. So i think they wont make anymore of the Tesla Model S again. But if they do then  if they do make them they will be better than now.

I think this article is stupid because they have made cars that catch on fire really quickly. And i think that they shouldn’t make anymore cars if they are going to catch on fire.

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Collaboration reflection

1. I think it was pretty hard to talk by writing because not everyone saw what they posted.

2. It was hard to say what you wanted by typing it so not everyone in your group knew what you were saying

3.  It was easy to fix mistakes on it because you knew what they typed and you could make it better.

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RSS Article 9 The Simpsons Bids Farewell to Marcia Wallace, aka Mrs. Krabappel


l think this article is sad because the person died that played the teacher that Bart has. And instead of Bart saying what he usually says he says “We’ll really miss you Mrs. K”. I really liked that teacher because of her laugh. It was really sad when she died everyone loved her and on the Simpsons the children loved her but they didn’t want her to die right then.

I dont like this article because it talks about someone that died not that long ago. Its really sad that the person that played Mrs. Krabappel died.

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